How not to lose your luggage

You’ve had a great vacation, a smooth flight, customs was a breeze. Then you try to get your luggage and it’s not there!! Tips on how to not lose your luggage.

Tag it: Remove all old tags from prior flights. ID your bag in multiple places and ensure that new tags have your name, flight number, and destination. Keep your baggage claim check in a safe place so that if your bag is lost, you can easily file a claim with the airline.

Use backup: Place a copy of your itinerary inside your suitcase with your cell phone number and hotel name in the event you bag gets lost. Should your bag get lost, the airline baggage co-ordinator when opening your luggage will have your contact information when your bag is eventually found.

Be flashy: Tie a bright ribbon on the handle of your bag or place multiple stickers. Having a brightly colored suitcase also ensures that it’s not left behind. Who can miss a pink suitcase?

Fly non-stop: If possible, choose a direct flight. The airline will be much less likely to lose your bags because they’ll be handled less

Give yourself plenty of time: The later you check in for your flight, the more likely it is that your bag won’t make it onto the plane.

Hang on to valuables: Don’t pack medicine, outfits for tomorrow’s event, jewelry, and other valuable items. It might take days for the airline to get your lost bag to you.

Hope these tips help!

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One thought on “How not to lose your luggage

  1. Travel with only hand luggage… 🙂

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