Packing list – what to pack when travelling abroad?

The countdown to your vacation is on!! Wondering what to take with you? I’ve put together a mini packing list of really useful items that you need to pack for your trip.

  • Passport – valid 6 months after date of travel, (1 photocopy) and save a copy of your passport in your email so you can print it out if lost.
  • Ticket – or confirmation code for E-ticket
  • Visa – get it close to departure date to make sure it’s still valid
  • Suitcase/bag – with small combination lock
  • Clothing – depends entirely on where you go….always take a swimsuit
  • Drivers License or ID Card
  • Travel insurance – sometimes required for a visa
  • As well: Tell your bank or credit card company the destination so they don’t cancel credit purchases. 
  • Tell them when you are back so they can cancel any mysterious credit purchases.
  • Camera – to capture the memories

Pleasure reading –I highly recommend the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. You’ll thank me later 🙂

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One thought on “Packing list – what to pack when travelling abroad?

  1. Murphy

    Along with all the items mentioned above, I strongly suggest you take with you a carry-on bag with the “must haves”, just in the event that your luggage is ever misplaced or “lost”. You don’t wanna get all excited upon your arrival at your destination, leave the airport and on the way to the hotel get a flat tire, have to walk two miles to the nearest gas station in the middle of nowhere because the rental car did not come with a wheel spanner, finally get back to the car after walking another two miles, realize that the window of the car is smashed and your suitcase is gone and you have to buy the most expensive underwear you ever bought at USD20 each!! I mean…..I’m just saying right. Not that I have past experiences or anything…….

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