When is your “someday” going to come around? What are you waiting on to make your dreams a reality? We always delay the things we want to do, by saying the magical words..someday! Sadly, that “someday” never comes, because there’s always something that happens to postpone your plans. You get ill, the kids need braces, you break up with someone, you don’t have the money right now, my personal favorite…I’m waiting to win the lotto and series of other excuses that cause you to say the magical words “someday”. Sometimes, what holds us back is the feeling that we have all the time in the world to accomplish all the things we want to do. Not to be harsh…you don’ one lives forever. And, knowing you’re not going to be here forever should prompt you to take action. Why would you limit your experiences to one place on the planet when you have 196 countries to explore and experience? Do you have kids? I highly recommend Disney World, great place for kids and adults alike. No kids? hmmm..then Miami it is!! Like adventure? What about Insanity – The Ride at the Stratosphere It’s in Las Vegas. Extending 64 feet over the north edge of the tower, Insanity-The Ride spins passengers at up to three Gs. And as the speed increases, up to 10 riders are pulled out in “escape proof” seats to an angle of 70 degrees, with nothing to look at but the Las Vegas Strip more than 900 feet below. I can’t wait to try it!! What do you think, is Insanity worth a Bucket List Notation?

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4 thoughts on “Someday

  1. truly insightful and thought provoking

  2. I think about the same thing. Best to use what you have now instead of waiting,this is where being spontaneous is a good thing.

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